The Salti Foundation scholarships aim to support Israeli university students whose families have Sephardic origins, who have an affinity for the cultural-linguistic world of Ladino speakers, and who come from Ladino speaking diaspora communities such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, or former Yugoslavia. 

The scholarships will be presented to the students for the following academic year, that is; following the year of their scholarship application submission date.

Please check the calendar below for scholarship applications.

Applicants who are in miluim duty please note below:

Please enter “3010” to the question asking about your grades.
Please upload the “Form 3010” that you will get from instead of the grade average document.

Requirements & Eligibility

For the upcoming application cycle, applicants must meet the following requirements and eligibility in order for the application to be forwarded to the Committee for consideration.

Applicants are required to have a family or heritage relationship with Ladino and be descendants of ancestors who have arrived from Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Former Yugoslavia.

The applicant must be a student in an Israeli University. 

Students in all study fields in the above institutions are eligible.

Socio-economic background, lack of other support or special taxing circumstances if any in the personal background will be prioritized.

Preference will be given to those who have voluntary activity or military, national or civil service, in the past and present.

 All applicants must present appropriate academic achievements as detailed below.

Not Eligible

Final year students without confirmation of admission to further studies are not eligible to a scholarship

 Applicants below the acceptable mean grade threshold will not be eligible for scholarships.

Scholarship Application Calendar
Application for 2024-25 scholarships begins in Jan 01, 2024. Please read the "Scholarship Application Guide" carefully. Good luck!
Deadline for applying for a scholarship.
Estimated date for receiving invitation for interviews to decide on those who will pass final screening.
An interview day is expected during August 2024.
The scholarship ceremony is expected to take place in the fall and includes exposure to the Ladino world. Attendance at the ceremony is a condition for receiving a scholarship.

Before Applying

Check that you have entered ALL details into the online application.

Check that all documents needed have been uploaded

Check that any statement about a family / medical / personal or other special situation has been supplied with supporting documents. 

Application Materials

All applicants must present appropriate academic achievements as detailed below.

 Before submitting the application, please make sure that you have uploaded all the following documents (failure to submit all documents may disqualify the application outright):

 The online application form that includes all the details has been fully entered

Documents to be uploaded: 

Photocopy of ID card (including Semach – the blue sheet)

A recent photo of the applicant 

Grade sheet (until the application submission date) or Form 3010 in the case of applicants in Miluim duty

2 recent pay slips

Curriculum vitae

A cover letter (not mandatory but definitely recommended)

Any other relevant accompanying document in the candidate’s opinion or that supports the application information 

Evaluation Criteria

The scholarships will be given to students in all fields of study at the university institutions for higher education in Israel

The scholarships are intended for students of Jewish-Spanish origin who have an affinity for the cultural-linguistic world of the Ladino speakers, their diasporas, or for those who have an affinity for Ladino or for the culture/heritage of Ladino, from countries that speak Ladino (Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, the former Yugoslavia)

Significant priority will be given based on socio-economic background, lack of other supports and scholarships or special personal background

Students who continue to graduate studies will be prioritized.

Selection Process

Appropriate references will be discussed before the Board of Directors of the Salti Foundation

The most suitable candidates will be invited for a personal interview at a date and time to be arranged in advance.

 Please check the calendar for scholarship application & evaluation time table. 

Expectations from Scholarship Recipients

In submitting the application, the applicant declares that all the details and accompanying documents are true, complete and accurate, that the sole discretion to award the scholarship is given to the management of the Salti Foundation, and that he has read and agreed to everything stated in the application form for receiving a scholarship

All applicants whose candidacy is approved will be asked to participate at the scholarship awarding ceremony, as a condition for receiving the scholarship

Scholarship recipients’ details and their photos from the scholarship distribution ceremony may possibly be uploaded to the foundation’s website and the foundation may possibly use them in its various publications. By submitting an application for a scholarship the student automatically gives consent to the above.

 As part of the Salti Foundation vision and values, scholarship recipients are expected to volunteer and contribute with their time and skills in the way they choose, during the school year in which they will receive scholarships in order to potentially change and positively influence their environment. This expectation is not a condition for receiving a scholarship but a hope to enable positive change through good deeds.

Scholars who choose to serve voluntarily will be invited to the scholarship awarding ceremony in the following year and will be encouraged to share their contribution with the new scholarship recipients and the foundation.


Recognition of Foundation

The recipient of the scholarship is asked to document in his dissertation/master’s/doctoral thesis that it was done, among other things, with the assistance of the Salti Foundation.

Eligibility Thresholds


Presentation of confirmation of acceptance for bachelor’s degree studies that will begin in the next academic year after the application submission date 

Studying in the scope of a full curriculum

 Have an average of 90 or higher at the end of the first year of study

 Maximum age of 28 years at the time of submitting the application


Presentation of confirmation of their admission to master’s degree studies that will begin in the next academic year after the application submission date 

Presentation of a thesis research proposal approved by the master’s degree committee at their institution of study (if the study is in a track that includes a thesis)

 Have an average grade of at least 86

Providing a copy of their thesis, when completed

Maximum age of 32 years at the time of submitting the application


Presentation of confirmation of their acceptance to PhD studies that will begin in the next academic year after the application submission date

Presentation of a research proposal for a doctoral thesis approved by the PhD committee at their institution of study

 Providing a copy of their doctoral thesis upon completion

 Maximum age of 40 years at the time of submitting the application. Candidates over the age of 40 will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Announcing Scholarship Recipients

Applicants will receive information from the foundation after their interviews. 

The scholarship presentation ceremony pictures and videos will be posted on the foundation internet page.


Ready to apply?

The 2024 application cycle will open in January 2024.

I received a scholarship, can I apply again?

Applicants who previously received a scholarship from the foundation are invited to submit scholarship applications in the following school years as well (as long as they are not at the final year)

When is the deadline for scholarship application?

The deadline of application is April 30, 2024.

I was not awarded a scholarship and would like to reapply. Is it possible to obtain feedback on why I did not receive one?

If the information is available, feedback on the results of your application will be given upon request.

When will applicants be notified of the results?

All applicants will be notified of the results of their application in August.

I am graduating this year, may I apply for a scholarship?

Applications from students in their final year are not accepted.

General Suggestions:

Make a checklist of what you need, to have a complete online application packet (completed online application and two letters of recommendation are required for submission).

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  

Make sure all contact information and email address is accurate.

Will the application form and accompanying material be returned?

The application form and any accompanying material will not be returned or saved.

The text is worded in the masculine language for linguistic convenience only, it is intended for both genders.

Scholarship Application Form

The scholarship applications for the academic year 2024 – 2025 have been completed